Delivery Times, ID, and Info

We are working to provide a safe and efficient service for you.



Deliveries will be made every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Orders made on other days will be delivered between 3pm and 8pm the following day. Orders made on M, W, F and S will be delivered same day as long as they are placed before 6:00pm.


Before delivery, we must contact you via the the phone number you provide to verify order, address, and ID. Contact attempt will be made between 4-6pm before delivery.

Please call us between 10am-10pm if you’d prefer to verify your order before 6pm. 778-954-8273

Deliveries will NOT be going out on December 25th or January 1st. Any purchases made those days will arrive the following day. 

If we can not contact you, your order will be cancelled and you will be refunded. It will take 3-5 days to receive your refund.

 **Once we are at your address, we will attempt to contact you once. If there is no immediate response, we will drop off your package at your entrance. We are not responsible for stolen or damaged orders**

Must Be 19+
A picture of government-issued ID will be uploaded upon checkout with your face like the example provided. If ID is not uploaded (or text to 778-954-8273) the order will be cancelled and you will be refunded. It will take 3-5 days to receive your refund.

What if we are out of a Product?

We are a busy shop and can't 100% guarantee the accuracy or website's inventory availability. We may have sold out of a specific colour, flavour or nic level. If we do not have your specific item, we will inform you when verifying your delivery between 6-7pm. We'll do our best to exchange it for a similar product of your choice or provide a refund. Since refunds take 3-5 days to process, we strongly recommend calling us (778-954-8273) to confirm inventory before finalizing your order.

If you are unfamiliar with a product, we strongly recommend going into a physical retail shop and sampling first (such as Big Bear Vapor in Newton Surrey!) to make sure you like it. You can receive extended warranties of products from in-store pick up but due to the nature and costs of deliveries, we can not provide ANY exchanges or refunds on delivered items.