Koil Killaz - SALT

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Take this Punch to the Mouth. Flavour that Hits Hard

Available in 30mL of 10mg, 20mg, 35mg, or50mg


Ambush - Cranberry, Apple

Assault - Blueberry, Dragon fruit, Guava

Rumble - Exotic, Tropical Fruit

Fury - Pineapple, Blackcurrant, Coconut

Savage - Watermelon, Kiwi

Sasquatch - Grape, Green Apple


Polar Ambush - Cranberry, Apple

Polar Assault - Blueberry, Dragon fruit, Guava

Polar Rumble - Exotic, Tropical Fruit

Polar Fury - Pineapple, Blackcurrant, Coconut

Polar Savage - Watermelon, Kiwi

Polar Sasquatch - Grape, Green Apple