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*DISCLAIMER* There is only 1 bundle of each variant available, please insure you are not adding multiples of the same bundle to your cart as we will not be able to accommodate duplicates in your order

Opened bottles used for individual tank fills of various brands, nicotine levels, and flavors available for you at the SUPER discounted rate of $12.69+tax!  

**Take a look through the description below to verify the flavors available in each bundle!**  

Brands average 60ml
Cloud Chuckers average 170ml (best value)

All Day Vapor 24mg
Included: Smoovie, Island Tings, Mucho Mango, Tobacco Mint, El Tobacco

Twelve Monkey's 12mg
Included: Kanzi, Harambae, Lemur

Twelve Monkey's 24mg
Included: Lemur, Mangabeys, Kanzi

Twelve Monkey's Iced 12mg
Included: Mangabeys, Kanzi, Queen Soko, Trpokia

Koil Killaz 20mg
Included: Fury, Ambush, Savage

Koil Killaz Polar 20mg
Included: Savag, Sasquatch, Assault, Fury, Ambush

Lemon Drop 20mg
Included: Mango, Peach, Wildberry, Watermelon, Pink, Strawberry

Naked100 20mg
Included: Brain Freeze, Polar Breeze, Lava Flow, Very Cool

Premium Labs 12mg
Included: Pound, Milk & Honey, BC Fog, Dollar, Alpha 2.0

Premium Labs 35mg
BC Fog, Dollar, Tucan Loops, Bloop, Atlantis

Premium Labs 50mg
Included: Alpha 2.0, Bigger Foot, Dollar, Pound, Atlantis, Bloop

Vango 20mg
Included: Blue Grazberry, Jango Chill, Frozen Ophelia, Banana Cannon, Fruity Blast, Ophelia, The Root

Vango 35mg
Included: Blue Grazberry, Fruity Blast, Frozen Sophene, The Root, Ophelia, Frozen Waterberry, Jango Chill

Vango 50mg
Included: Frozen Sophene, Pinaculars, Blue Grazberry, Banana Cannon, Frozen Tropix, The Root, Jango Chill

Cloud Chuckers 36mg
Included: Grape, Black Venom, Frozen Jungle, Mountain Punch, Arctic Menthol, Long Con, Watermelon Slice, King George, Desert Ship, Strawberry Moon

Cloud Labs 24mg
Included: Black Pom, Black Pom Iced, Ice & Fire