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*DISCLAIMER* There is only 1 bundle of each variant available, please insure you are not adding multiples of the same bundle to your cart as we will not be able to accommodate duplicates in your order

Opened bottles used for individual tank fills of various brands, nicotine levels, and flavors available for you at the SUPER discounted rate of $25+tax!  

**Take a look through the description below to verify the flavors available in each bundle!** 


Naked100 (0mg)

Sour Sweet, Lava Flow, Frost Bite, Brain Freeze, Amazing Mango, Verry Berry, Berry Belts, Green Blast ,Very cool, Maui Sun, POG 

Naked100 (3mg)

 Very Berry, Maui Sun, Berry Belts, Hawaiian POG, Sour Sweet, Amazing Mango, Green Blast

Oasis (assorted mg)

 Rain Dance, Mega, Adrift, Rush